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Children in Morna International College receive a broad and balanced education based on the contents of the English National Curriculum. All subjects are taught in English except for the languages programme.

Foreign Languages

Spanish language is taught throughout the school and pupils of all nationalities are expected to reach a high level of fluency in Spanish. German language is taught in upper primary and secondary and Catalan is also taught to pupils who are fluent in Spanish. Native speakers in Spanish and German are given separate provision to the foreign language learners.

English support
Pupils who are not native English speakers have access to an English support programme to help them adapt to the school. However, non-native speakers who enter the school in the Foundation Stage normally adapt without any difficulties whatsoever.

Practical and up to date teaching methods
Teaching throughout the school places a significant emphasis on the pupil’s ability to apply their knowledge and to develop new skills by practice and investigation. The school makes full use of new technologies such as interactive whiteboards and on-line resources.

Close monitoring and personalisation
We make regular use of standardised testing and assessment resouces in order to monitor pupils’ progress throughout the school. Frequent curricular adaptations are made to attend to the needs of both the most able students and those who encounter learning difficulties. The school has a special needs coordinator who oversees our learning support programme.

“Education for life”
We place a great deal of importance on the role of our teachers as tutors and guides to their students and on the provision of a Personal , Social and Health education programme throughout the school in order to ensure that we are covering the whole range of our pupils’ educational needs.

Details of the curriculum structure can be found in the Parents Handbook.