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History of Morna College

A brief history of the school

Morna Valley School was founded in 1973 by Mary Blackstad, her family of five children and various neighbours. As the school grew, the majority of its students were children of the hippies that were flooding into Ibiza at that time. In order to cater for their interests the school curriculum included subjects like Pottery and Chinese Calligraphy.

Mary Blackstad retired in the early nineteen eighties and the school was taken over by John and Helen Tunks who, according to rumour, bought it for just one peseta. At this time the school grew to around ninety students.
In 1992 the school, which was encountering serious financial difficulties , was bought by Helen Davenport who built the student numbers up to around 160 before deciding to move the entire school from its original location in San Carlos to the current Santa Gertrudis site and, for the first time, into purpose built premises.

The school opened in September 2004 in its new location and the name Morna Valley School was replaced by Morna International College.
Since moving to Santa Gertrudis, the school has seen continual growth and development. In 2007 it was purchased by new owners from the UK and has benefitted from substantial further investments in teaching staff, educational resources, and development of the site itself.

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